MIZ présente Charles Howl (UK) /The Poneymen (BE)

20 09

Mark it zero vous invite à une après-midi garage psyché surf!

Charles Howl (Londres/UK - Garage/Psyché/Fuzz)


Now with their debut album 'SIr Vices' (Ample Play Records) recently released, Charles Howl approach us with a whole new set of songs and sound, stepping out of the garage fuzz trails of their previous work and nodding to a poppier psych groove. It's a fine step they've taken too, absorbing some delicate 90's Britpop elements, adding a motronic vibe, and glimmering guitars to such effect that listening to 'Sir Vices' is a damn right pleasure, with even the heaviest moments kept in line with lightly smothered synth and drawn out dreamy vocals. Definately one of our favourite records of 2015.

The Poneymen (Namur/Belgique - Surf/garage)


Surf équin masqué wollon!


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