Suzuki Junzo (Japon) + TYSMFYH (Jean De Laco...


Suzuki Junzo is a guitariste/vocaliste from Tokyo. He is a member of the Acid Mothers Temple family, as well as being a prolific solo artist & the lead singer of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Cosmic Blues Band.

He also fronts Japanese psyche wonders Miminokoto and is in the duo 20 Guilders with Tabata Mitsuru of Zeni Geva and Acid Mothers Temple, and he was once played his role as guitarist of OVERHANG PARTY and ASTRAL TRAVELING UNITY.

The psychedelic troubadour has not one but two albums out this Autumn.
One album, gPortrait of Madeleine Elsterh is coming out on Utech Records (based in Milwaukee).
This album is focused on Electric Guitar in the style of 2012Œs gOde to a Blue ghosth and hEight-Sided Infinityh.
The other album, gSings 2 is more focused on Junzo singing and sees him joined by Makoto Kawabata of Acid Mothers Temple.

Both albums feauture Ikuro Takahashi whose credits include LSD March, Fushitsusha, High Rise, Overhang Party and many more.
(Ned from WasIstDas)

TYSMFYH is a collaboration between Sandrine Verstraete and Jean D.L.

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